Kaoru Miuki
- Sarah, don't you hate this castle? You never know where you are....
- Hello again.
- Hello.
- You want to see my room...
- Actually, I'm looking for a friend... (ага, рыжий такой friend, в неглиже купается :D)
- I'll be your friend
- A different friend (а ты ещё раз подумай)
- I'm different. Let's be different together... :eyebrow:
Oh..Those are my bats. You wanna see my balls? (Не... перебор... Но :laugh: )
- Maybe some other time... (Дааааааааааааа?)
- I bet you sit up late reading Schiller
- I do read Schiller
- Kant drives you crazy?
- Totally insane...
- Don't get me started! Here's what I'm reading
- ''We're here. We're dead. Get used to it ''? (Привыкай, милый, привыкай)
- Sorry. Wrong book
- ''Sucking for dummies''? :laugh:
- Sorry. Wrong book
- ''When love is inside you...'' Look, I'm straight. I'm lutheran. I'm alive. (расстановка приоритетов. Не гей. Верующий. Живой. Но! Раз он лютеранин, то всё можно изменить! Лол.)
- I might be able to help you find your friend. I can give you the skeleton key...to the castle!
- Yet I do find you strangely attractive (Но всё-таки для тебя он симпатичен)
-Read a page. See if it doesn't move you!
When Love is inside you
Don't ever be afraid
-Just let your heart guide you
You're fears will be allayed

(вдвоём) -For the one you adore
Just cannot ignore
The light in your eyes
Альфред:That light signifies
Love is inside you
And now it starts to rise

- Don't be to shy to let your romance begin
When passions ignite you, you cannot lock them in (а дверь вполне можно запереть)
- Show the one you admire that you are on fire
Then chase away any kind of doubt
(вдвоём) When love is inside you, you've got to let it out

Герберт: You must not be frightened
Dear friend I'm on your side (по сути, правда. Ведь только Герберту Альфред интересен. Некая защита)
You blush can it be that you're ill?
- I'm not ill, I don't blush
- Yes you do, you're dishevelled and flush

You must get some rest now
Right here on my breast now :lol:
You shake; can it be that you are scared?
- I'm not scared, I don't shake (а вот это услышать сложно, если говорится в грудь Герберту)
- Yes you do, I'm concerned for your sake

- Isn't there some kind of happening tonight?
- You are such a ravishing sight
- I'm not
- Beautiful lashes
- My lashes?
- Phenomenal,
They look like wonderful threads of gold (оу, как в фильме)

We'll have a glorious time tonight
Handcuffs and wine and candlelight :wow2:
And we'll be dancing, romancing
My innermost dreams will come true
When I'm deep into you :lol:

What is it you're feeling?
- Confused!
- It must be me
Your banana is peeling :lol:
You are in love I see
Ah yes, well I'm in love too
In love with guess who? Yes Alfred with you!
(вдвоём) When love is inside you
You've got to let it
Let it out!!

Герберт: He wants me! :lol:

When love is inside you."Dance of the Vampire", Бродвей, 2002 год.
Вот было бы ещё качество хорошее...

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