Kaoru Miuki
- Sarah, don't you hate this castle? You never know where you are....
- Hello again.
- Hello.
- You want to see my room...
- Actually, I'm looking for a friend... (ага, рыжий такой friend, в неглиже купается :D)
- I'll be your friend
- A different friend (а ты ещё раз подумай)
- I'm different. Let's be different together... :eyebrow:
Oh..Those are my bats. You wanna see my balls? (Не... перебор... Но :laugh: )
- Maybe some other time... (Дааааааааааааа?)
- I bet you sit up late reading Schiller
- I do read Schiller
- Kant drives you crazy?
- Totally insane...
- Don't get me started! Here's what I'm reading
- ''We're here. We're dead. Get used to it ''? (Привыкай, милый, привыкай)
- Sorry. Wrong book
- ''Sucking for dummies''? :laugh:
- Sorry. Wrong book
- ''When love is inside you...'' Look, I'm straight. I'm lutheran. I'm alive. (расстановка приоритетов. Не гей. Верующий. Живой. Но! Раз он лютеранин, то всё можно изменить! Лол.)
- I might be able to help you find your friend. I can give you the skeleton key...to the castle!
- Yet I do find you strangely attractive (Но всё-таки для тебя он симпатичен)
-Read a page. See if it doesn't move you!
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When love is inside you."Dance of the Vampire", Бродвей, 2002 год.
Вот было бы ещё качество хорошее...

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